Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ricky kim on rm 144

i was just watching running man ep 144 and it was hilarious.

and the guests of the infamous variety show were cha in pyo (actor), ricky kim (im not sure but i saw him a lot in variety programs), and seo jang hoon (a former national basketball player for south korea)

im not usually writing about running man although it is my favorite but


i was a little bit starstruck by ricky kim- and he is also one of my favorite in dream team

he is so humble and sporting
and shows a great sportmanship as when jaesuk
managed to throw his shoes on the stairs right on the yellow heart shape

he was the first one to hug him-- like he always does to his teammates on dream team

and i really love how he helped jong kook
to stay sit on the bench until the time is up..

by this they are to obtain the first order to entitled for ddak ji king

watch running man ep 144 to see who won the title! :)

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