Saturday, February 25, 2017


This is so extra

It's almost 2 months of 2017 and I'm here talking about 2017 as if it's just started.
Well it's been 2 months into 2017 and it has been one of the most roller coaster ride I've ever been in
(Excuse my english though)

I just wanted to say that Blogger has been helping me a lot for these past years and I will get back here trying to give out the best I can as to "repay" what this site has been helping me on. I studied religion, language, school studies and a lot of stuffs here so I think maybe it's the time for me to share any-thing beneficial to help other people who are in need.

I still have a lot to learn especially English grammar so I would be using my own language which is Malay and change it back and forth with English. Whichever I feel comfortable to use.

It's 5 am in my country right now and I can say it's been pretty historic of what had happened today. I will probably talk about it in my other posts InsyaAllah but for now I am feeling like I can't sleep I think I'm just too excited and I don't know any other way to get rid of this feeling other than writing.

So I guess I will continue in my other posts, see you soon! x - Ice

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